Sunday, April 17, 2011

Apple Use SSD 'Specials' on the MacBook Air

Last October 2010, Apple introduced their newest line of MacBook Air. Recent updates of the product was rumored to have been using SSDs made ​​by Samsung. Really?

As quoted from AnandTech, Sunday (4/17/2011), the latest 11.6-inch MacBook Air will have minor changes include a faster graphics and a bigger SSD.

The new SSD is very interesting. Because Apple does not use a normal-sized SSD 2.5 inch or 1.8 inch, but use the type mSATA SSDs, or better known as 'Blade SSDs'.

Based on the news, SSDs are manufactured by Samsung and has a read speed of 250 MB / s and write speed of 220 MB / s. Unfortunately there is no confirmation of this news from Samsung related SSDs in MacBook Air with this SM128C name.


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