Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nokia W7 and W8, Two First Windows Mobile phones Nokia

Currently Nokia is the middle carrying the mobile phone carefully Phone Windows 7 (WP7), which will be released in 2012. Rumors had been out issue, Nokia W7 and W8. Like what?

WP7 phone first leaked two are put forward by the leaders 'antagonistic' timeless Nokia, the analyst Eldar Murtazin Russian technology. Through Twitter account he was leaking a little detail these two phones.

"In other words, W7, W8 WP7 will be the first Nokia mobile phone:) like HTC Mozart W7, W8 is a variant of N8 (chipset TBD)," writes @ eldarmurtazin on Thursday (14/04/2011).

In addition, he also revealed that in 2012 there were 12 phone would be released by Nokia WP7. In addition to two mobile phones, according to Eldar, Nokia still Develop four prototype back with a new form factor.

YouTube Direct Broadcast William and Kate's Wedding

Prince William of England marriage with Catherine, or Kate Middleton who live to count the days, waiting for the public around the world. YouTube also capture this momentum and are planning to live streaming.

Yes, on the day William and Kate's wedding which falls on April 29, 2011, anyone can watch every minute of this historic course of the marriage ceremony by the Royal Channel on the video sharing site owned by Google it.

"This will be the first time in thousands of years of royal history, the era of the Internet, members of the royal wedding ceremony was arrested in online and video will be preserved forever," wrote Google spokeswoman, Rachel Ball.

Reported by PC World, on Wednesday (04/20/2011), this marker will also be important to Google. As is known, which presents the YouTube Live stream video in real time, newly launched earlier this month. So William and Kate's wedding will be a special moment the first, which was broadcast YouTube Live.

Sony Ericsson Experience Scarcity Components

Japanese quake was felt the impact of technology companies, including Sony Ericsson. Vendors Japanese-Swedish joint venture was experiencing scarcity of supply of components and have to fight with the rivals to get it.

Sony Ericsson's chief executive, Bert Nordberg, stating that there was limitation of screen components, batteries, camera module and several printed circuit boards related to the Japanese earthquake which occurred on 11 March.

Although the situation in Japan gradually stabilized, the shortage is feared to remain influential in the supply of Sony Ericsson handsets in the second quarter of 2011.

"We are now fighting with other players to get bigger components," Nordberg said, as quoted by Reuters on Wednesday (20/04/2011).

Inevitably, this component shortages feared to affect the company's declining profits. Previously, Toshiba Corp. has said its operating profit expectations are not suitable because of the disaster.

Sony Ericsson claimed the earthquake in Japan has limited the volume of smartphone. It also makes new handset Neo delayed in some areas. Situation is considered less profitable because they are struggling against rivals in the smartphone market.

Norton 2012 Beta Starts Available

Norton Internet Security (NIS) and Norton Antivirus (NAV) 2012 Beta now available to the public. Some of the improvements put forward. These include including the ability to assess the level of security and stability of applications before the installation process.

"Our goal with the launch of Norton 2012 is to continue to raise standards in the protection and performance," said Jens Meggers, vice president of engineering, for Norton products, in a statement received on Wednesday (20/04/2011).

Some of its features include Insight 3.0, the latest version of reputation-based security technology from Norton.

Then, Download the Insight can now notify the user if downloaded applications may cause problems if installed in the PC stability.

Another feature is the behavior-based protection, which is called SONAR 4.0, which is said to have improved.

Norton Internet Security beta feature Norton Identity Safe which was renewed with the ability to store passwords in the cloud.

Both Norton 2012 products beta also features Norton delay activity that does not really matter to a later time. It's suitable for those who subscribe to the Internet is limited (not unlimited).

Second Beta is available free at: or

Selected Apple, Toshiba Shares Rise

Toshiba shares rise after Apple reportedly interested in investing in display production for smartphones in his company.

Toshiba's share value rose by 4 percent after the news spread widely. Instead, this news also impacted on the falling value of Sharp's shares are also engaged in this business in Japan.

Based on local newspaper reports named Nikkan Kogyo, Sharp shares fell as much as 2.7 percent. But then, Sharp's stock immediately rose again after the company issued a statement that the news is not accurate.

Report Nikkan Kogyo reported by Reuters on Wednesday (4/20/2011) said, Apple is currently negotiating with Toshiba and Sharp about the possibility of investing U.S. $ 1.2 billion for small LCD production to be used for new iPhone.

"Apple decided to focus on investing in Japan, on firms and choose the Toshiba one," the report said.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Apple sues Samsung Galaxy Tab & Galaxy S

Apple sued Samsung to court. Apple accused Samsung mimic the iPad, iPod and iPhone in tablet product line and mobile Galaxy Galaxy Tab.

In a lawsuit in U.S. documents District Court for the Northern District of California, Apple considers that Samsung do the copying technology, design and even product packaging.

"Rather than develop the product independently, Samsung chose to imitate Apple's innovative technology, user interface and elegant packaging products, in violation of intellectual property rights of Apple," Apple said in a statement, quoted in Computerworld, Tuesday (04/19/2011).

Samsung itself is the first major vendor to challenge Apple iPad with Galaxy Tab. They are also one of the largest Android handset manufacturers, with the Galaxy S sold to millions of units worldwide.

Complaint filed by Apple, including 10 patent infringement, copyright infringement and two unfair business practices. Apple filed Samsung Electronics, Samsung America and Samsung Telecommunications America as the party responsible.

Items claimed to mimic Apple's 4G phones including Epic, Captivate, Indulge, Nexus S, S and tablets Galaxy Galaxy Tab. Samsung's own party have not provided comments related to this lawsuit.

Honeycomb, All Tablet Android 'Mandatory Use'

Asus Eee Transformer Pad tablet will be one of the first - if not the very first - that presents a tablet with Honeycomb Android operating system.
Before discussing further about these devices, let's first peek like what Honeycomb.

Since the first screen, Honeycomb immediately show the difference. Minimus Android OS comes with typical layout tablets.

In general, Honeycomb main screen is divided into three areas: system bar, action bar and the main screen.

Bar System

System bar is an area at the bottom of the screen that includes the main keys, notification and status.

The main button is the Back, Home and Recent Apps. Android users would already be familiar with the Back button and Home, each useful to 'return to the previous screen' (back) and displays the Home Screen.

Well, the Recent Apps is a new button in the Honeycomb that allows you to display just a few applications that the user accessed. If the touch (tap) will show the last five applications open, complete with his last name and the thumbnail view.

On the right side of the Bar System is the location for the notification and status. Do not get out of this section is the display clock. Then there is the battery status and connectivity (eg, WiFi, Bluetooth or other).

Another notification appears is related to the application. For example, if the title of the new messages into Gmail, it would appear there. This area also will feature such things as the status of downloading applications from the Android Market.

Action Bar

Action bar at the top of the screen and is transparent. On the Home Screen, this section displays the Google Search (complete with Voice Search button), Apps button (to display a list of applications) as well as the + button to set the display of the Home Screen.

When running the application, this area can be context-sensitive menu will display the currently running applications.

In the default browser, this area became the tabs and menus. On the Market, this area could contain a search box, shortcuts to My Apps Apps to category being viewed.

Home Screen

The main part of Honeycomb is the screen size. Honeycomb appearance seemed more relieved than the previous Android. In addition to the Asus screen Transformer, this is because the resolution supported by a 'honeycomb' is indeed larger.

Home Screen on Honeycomb can be filled by various widgets and shortcuts to applications. The arrangement is based on the grid, so it looks more tidy.

Another interesting feature of Android is Live Wallpaper. On Honeycomb, Live Wallpaper also available with a more indulgent eye effect.

Live Wallpaper which was tested on Asus Transformer this is My Maps and Water. Maps will display a map of the location of the user with data from Google Maps.

While My Water will display the surface of the water with chunks of ice floating on it. Surface water will be skewed according to the position of the tablet, while the water levels reflect the status of the device battery.

To set the Widget, Shortcuts, Wallpaper and other users can touch the + button at the top right of the Home Screen or Home Screen touch the blank area for some time.


Android Market: One of the most significant application changes is the Android Market. This time it looks equipped with a main screen that shows some application of choice at the top.
Android Market will automatically display the estimated price of an application

Browser: As I had mentioned, the browser Honeycomb has a multi-tab display. Some of its features including the 'Incognito' alias browsing without a recorded history.

Because of relatively recent, yet too many applications for Honeycomb is available. Some applications are quite capable fill the screen, including the series of the popular game that Angry Birds.

But quite a lot of applications that seem odd because it does not support a large screen resolution. This resulted in the application appears as a small box in the middle / edge of a black screen.

But not to worry, that problem will be solved anyway, if more and more developers are developing applications for Honeycomb.


Although time is relatively short  Honeycomb tasting, the impression of this usage is enough to conclude that any tablets Android will enter the market at least have to use the Android OS Honeycomb.

From the side view, the features and comfort Honeycomb appears as the ideal OS. Surely must be supported by a capable hardware capabilities, one thing that has been met by Asus Transformer.

iPhone 5 Not Necessarily So 'Digital Wallet'

Near Field Communication (NFC), may be the technology that will be adopted by many mobile phone vendors future. IPhone reportedly not equipped with NFC 5.

With this NFC technology, the future users can use their phones as a 'digital wallet'. How users can simply hold the phone to a sensor (like the RFID card in the machine absent). Approximately Flazz card's functions such as the BCA as a means of payment.

Excerpted from the know your mobile, on Tuesday (19/04/2011), according to Ming-Chi Kuo a security analyst from Concord, iPhone fifth possibility has not been using NFC. Because several designs and innards new iPhone is still the same with the iPhone 4, except to the problem processors and camera sensors.

Currently, several mobile phones that support NFC technology are: Google Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy S II, 578 Wave Samsung, and Nokia C7-00.

If so, then the iPhone 5 still losing from Nokia that was clearly going to use NFC in Windows 7 Phone phone line later. Until Apple gives official information, this is still a rumor.

iPhone 5 Start Produced September 2011

After certain to be using 8-megapixel camera sensor made ​​by Sony, Apple will start producing the iPhone 5 in mass in September 2011.

5 iPhone innards will be enhanced with processor SoC A5, with chips made ​​by Qualcomm's dual-mode compatible with GSM and CDMA networks.

As quoted from Apple Insider reports, on Tuesday (04/19/2011), the latest iPhone is reportedly going to have the same chip as the iPad 2. With the addition of antenna designs that exist between the Apple logo, it seems that Steve Jobs-led company that will fix the issue of an antenna on the previous product.

By 5 September it produced the iPhone, Apple will likely delay the launch of the latest iPod touch this year. All the news on a new form unfortunately unconfirmed rumors and Apple.

Regardless of that, Apple was rumored iPhone production plans in the first 6 in the middle of 2012. This news seems to grow too fast. Given the competition is very tight touch screen mobile phone, it seems Apple should make the iPhone truly special.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Iran accuses U.S. Siemens Helps Make Attacks Stuxnet

An Iranian military commander accused Siemens has helped the United States (U.S.) and Israel conduct cyber attacks Stuxnet to its nuclear facilities.

Gholamreza Jalali, head of Iran's Civil Defense said Stuxnet viruses that target Iran's atomic program is a 'masterpiece' two biggest enemies of Iran (the U.S. and Israel), assisted by communications solutions provider company from Germany, Siemens.

"The investigation shows, the source of the virus Stuxnet came from the U.S. and the Zionist regime (Israel)," said Jalali quoted from the Telegraph, on Monday (4/18/2011).

Jalali added, Siemens in this case, is responsible for the control system called Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) that attacked the virus. This system is used to operate the factory machinery complex.

"Our executive officers are legally have to follow up the case of Siemens SCADA software is prepared as a 'land' Stuxnet virus," he said.

Mentioned Jalali, Siemens must take responsibility and explain how and why the U.S. and Israel facilitated by the information code and open the way SCADA cyber attacks into Iran.

Google will Close Google Video

Users Google Video, of course, want to make sure that all video is stored properly. Unfortunately, Google plans to close the service.

To its users, as reported by PC Mag, Sunday (04/18/2011), Google this week told the news by email. Google says, Google Video will soon be closed on May 13, 2011.

Mentioned in the email, users who have a video on Google Video, they can download the video by clicking on the feature 'download' that will be provided by Google. Starting 29 April 2011, the video is on Google Video can not be accessed until it is fully eliminated on 13 May.

Analysts assess, it is not surprising if Google decides to end the Google Video, given the Internet giant that has a similar service that is more promising, namely YouTube.

According to research firm ComScore, earlier this year, Google acquired YouTube in 2006, becoming the number one online video site in the world with more than 144.1 million viewers each month.

Meanwhile, Google Video, launched in 2005, did not show an encouraging development. The last few years, Google has also stopped accepting uploads to this service.

Prediction 4 Features New Nintendo Wii 2

Nintendo Wii is ready to show off the latest generation in the event the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2011. Well, about what changes will be embedded in the console?

Slowly but surely eroded by turnover Wii PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Xbox 360. Until the end of March 2011 Xbox 360 posted sales of 433 thousand units in the U.S., followed by the PS3 is 240 units, and the youngest Wii filled with 290 units.

This is expected because the Wii has not done a refresher on game systems. While Microsoft has introduced Kinect and Sony with the PlayStation Move loved enough.

Do not want to keep silence, and Nintendo was reportedly ready to upgrade the Wii with specifications and a system with a more interesting game. As predicted 4 new features quoted from Tomsguide, Tuesday (19/04/2011).

1. New controller
Latest generation of Wii is believed will have a new controller with a screen measuring 6 inches in it. The system still uses a motion sensor game like the previous, it's just a better level of responsiveness is claimed, even though the Move.

2. HD Support
The new console is rumored to be playing high resolution games like the Xbox 360 or any pesainganya PS3. It was increasingly strengthened with a new GPU is used, namely Ati RV700.

3. Third-party content
At this time the console is expected Nintento can embrace a variety of third-party vendors. With an increasingly diverse content expected game lovers 'heavyweight' can also be satisfied.

4. Integration with mobile content
Console games that can be integrated with mobile content is believed to have added value. Currently, some vendors already do that, like Microsoft with Xbox Live content in Windows 7 Phone or Sony who have started to 'close' to Android.

WebOS Killed Before Developing

Neither Gartner or IDC was equally predict that Android will become the number one operating system on smartphones. Followed by several other systems such as IOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

In 2015 Android Naturalife Greenworld estimated market share of 48.8%, 17.2% dikutit IOS on, then Windows Phone 19.5 percent, then the youngest filled by BlackBerry approximately 11.1%. So what about WebOS?

Launched Tomsguide, Saturday (09/04/2011), Gartner predicts WebOS have a very small percentage could even be extinct within the next 4 years.

Despite this predictable but still WebOS can not be underestimated. Once annexed from Palm, HP invests heavily and have a special team to develop the operating system.

RIM Android Steal Market Share, Microsoft & Palm

Growth Android mobile phone users increasingly dashed. In fact, according to research released by comScore, in the last 3 months, the mobile OS 'robot green' continues to steal market share from Research In Motion (RIM), Microsoft and Palm.

Based on the written statement on Thursday (04/07/2011), in the period November 2010 through February 2011 Android users increased by 7 percent from 26% to 33%. While the market for BlackBerry RIM, Windows Phone Microsoft, and Palm's increasingly declines.

In the same period, BlackBerry users in the United States also fell 4.6% from 33.5% to 28.9%. It is also common on the new Windows 7 Phone launched late 2010. Microsoft's operating system is kept reduced by 1.3% from 9% to 7.7%, followed by Palm which fell 1.1% from 3.9% to 2.8%

Different things happening at Apple. Meksi battered by many Android phones, users who choose to use the iPhone still continues to increase from 25% to 25.2%. Not a big rise indeed, but this phone able to withstand the attack of Android.

Google Consistent 'Open' Android

Affirming Honeycomb gossip about Android, Google once again said it would still make all of its operating system (OS), including Honeycomb (Android 3.0) brings open source.

"We will remain open source platform and released the source code when it is ready," wrote Andy Rubin as Vice President of Engineering, in the Android Developers blog.

He explained that the Android team is also still working hard to deliver all the features Honeycomb to the phone. Immediately after completion, Google will publish the source code.

"This temporary delay, it does not mean we change the strategy," he said, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, Sunday (04/10/2011).

Release of the Android OS as open source earlier version, has distinguished privilege of Google as an alternative to its competitors like Apple and Research In Motion.

But the emergence of Honeycomb and penundaannya for use in smaller devices, blowing news that Google will not make it open source. In fact, Google's decision to not release Honeycomb because the internet giant wants 'honeycomb' besutannya better prepared.

As is known, although Honeycomb has been embedded in tablets Xoom Motorola, Google mentions OS source code was not yet ready to be released to the public for the use of other devices such as smartphones.

Intel Atom for Tablet Supports Android 3.0

Intel has officially introduced the Intel Atom line of processors codenamed Oaktrail. Product officially named Atom Z670 will support the Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb.

As noted in a written statement received on Tuesday (12/04/2011). Oak Trail is mentioned already becoming available and devices that use them will be present from May 2011.

A total of 35 tablets with Oak Trail is said to be present in 2011. This includes from Lenovo, Fujitsu and others. But Intel did not specify what kind of tablets.

In a statement, Intel said Oak Trail will support multiple operating systems. These include Windows, MeeGo, Google Chrome and Android Honeycomb.

Intel will also feature the Intel Atom next generation code-named Cedar Trail. 32nm Atom is mentioned without a fan suitable for netbooks, desktops or PCs All-in-One.

Cedar Trail will be introduced at the Intel Developers Forum that was held in Beijing, China, the second week of April 2011.

HP boost Integration Cloud Computing with 3PAR Utility Storage

HP introduces the integration of 3PAR Utility Storage as part of HP Converged Infrastructure portfolio for simplifying Cloud Computing and introduce new solutions for storage virtualization and data de-duplication. Merger 3PAR utility storage in HP's solutions facilitate converged services Cloud Infrastructure with features such as multilevel Storage Automation to improve performance, and thin Storage to eliminate redundant user.

Merger 3PAR utility storage to HP converged Infrastructure according to customer requirements and storage consolidation solutions will need merging block and file storage in one storage system due to the explosion of data. HP simplify data management by combining storage platforms, servers and networking as the incorporation of management and low total cost of ownership for customers.

"Many of our customers are saying that the use of cloud is a transition that is important enough that they face in this decade", said Mike Prieto, vice president and general manager of Storage Works, HP Asia Pacific and Japan, in a statement received detikINET.

"HP 3PAR Utility Storage to answer their needs for new storage architecture designed specifically for optimizing the performance of Cloud Computing. Merger 3PAR Utility Storage as part of HP Converged Infrastructure faster than HP's initial planning and focus to bring customers to the level of flexibility and efficiency they've never felt, "claims Prieto

Match Requirement Provide Cloud Computing Storage

Improved adaptation of Cloud Computing for the common good or for personal use force IT departments and service providers to rethink about the design of their infrastructure. To get the flexibility and performance, according to the needs of cloud computing services required an integration of computing, storage and networking including centralized management.

To automate and simplify the process of multitenant cloud-based storage, HP 3PAR Utility Storage has become part of HP CloudSystem, systems to create and provide services to individuals, public and hybrid cloud. 3PAR combination with HP CloudSystem, allowing customers reduce application processing time cloud from a few days so a few minutes, increase operational efficiency of storage management 10 times and cut storage costs by 50 percent.

To provide high performance, back-end disk arrays for data files in the cloud for customers, HP provides HP X9300 Network Storage Gateway is built based on IBRIX technology, to be used and combined with HP 3PAR Storage Systems. Pengabungan thin storage capabilities of the 3PAR Utility Storage with ability levels and migration data from the X9300 Network Storage System can reduce the need for capacity up to 50%.

FaceCam 1020, 360 Degree of Genius Webcam

Genius introduces new high definition webcam, FaceCam 1020. This device can rotate 360 degrees and tilt up and down 90 degrees.

FaceCam 1020 has a high definition 720p resolution and 30 frame rate. This unit has a unique clip design and does not require drivers to use the system Windows 7, Mac and Linux.

Genius claims, the device is priced less than USD 400 thousand is suitable for Skype, MSN, Yahoo messenger and other instant message communication.

In the sales package includes CrazyTalk Cam Suite for chat in real time and record video to be uploaded to YouTube or Facebook.

Quoted from the written statement on Saturday (02/04/2011), this unit also includes the latest HDI function to help prevent unauthorized access from outside control your webcam.

System Requirements:

-. Memory 1GB RAM
-. 1GB HDD space
-. Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or equivalent AMD
-. OS Windows 7/Vista/XP SP2
-. DirectX 9.0 (or above)

For Mac
-. 2:33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo compatible
-. 1:07 GHz Power PC G4
-. Mac OS 10.4.9 (minimum)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Apple Use SSD 'Specials' on the MacBook Air

Last October 2010, Apple introduced their newest line of MacBook Air. Recent updates of the product was rumored to have been using SSDs made ​​by Samsung. Really?

As quoted from AnandTech, Sunday (4/17/2011), the latest 11.6-inch MacBook Air will have minor changes include a faster graphics and a bigger SSD.

The new SSD is very interesting. Because Apple does not use a normal-sized SSD 2.5 inch or 1.8 inch, but use the type mSATA SSDs, or better known as 'Blade SSDs'.

Based on the news, SSDs are manufactured by Samsung and has a read speed of 250 MB / s and write speed of 220 MB / s. Unfortunately there is no confirmation of this news from Samsung related SSDs in MacBook Air with this SM128C name.

Skype on Android Vulnerable infiltrated Malware

Skype user who is on Android to be extra vigilant. Based on recent findings, VoIP and Video Chat application is vulnerable to malicious programs that can be compromised to steal users' personal data.

Just imagine if all personal data such as numbers and credit card account passwords stored in Android phone stolen, when opening Skype.

As quoted from Engadget, Sunday (4/17/2011), it turns out malicious programs that infiltrate through the chat log files of Skype. Known malicious programs that infiltrate has SQLite3 database file.

Hopefully Skype parties immediately close the 'hole'is, by encrypting the file, so as not to be accessible to some people. With the increasing number of users of Android, it seems more and more cyber criminals who target.

India bans the Nokia Email Service

Having wanted to monitor the BlackBerry email service, the Indian government is now transferring the target to Nokia. The reason is pretty much the same, that is related to the issue of security in the country.

Indian authorities asked local telecommunications service providers suspend service on Nokia handset pushmail, until the availability of email monitoring system. Nokia asked to meet all security requirements before held a service.

"According to the views of the intelligence agency, the Department of Telecommunications asked telecom service providers to not launch a push email service / powermail without providing monitoring facilities," said the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs on Sunday (17/04/2011).

Email services from Nokia provides push email for the company as well as ordinary consumers. With it, users can control access to multiple email accounts at once.

India itself, including the largest market for Nokia. Although a lot of pressure from competitors, they are still number one there. So most likely Nokia will obey the government's will to maintain its market.

Earlier, the Indian government also asked Research in Motion as the manufacturer of BlackBerry to open access to its data services, including internet email services and BlackBerry Messenger. Until now, those negotiations had not yet completed.

Oracle Submits OpenOffice In the Community

Project productivity software rivals Microsoft Office,, has been handed over entirely by Oracle for the community.

Thus, there would be no commercial software based on OpenOffice, developed by Oracle. Thus quoted from TheRegister, Sunday (17/04/2011).

OpenOffice is one of Sun Microsystem property which belonged to Oracle after the acquisition. As the 'heir' Sun, Oracle is the legal owner of the name and trademark OpenOffice.

This latest decision turned 180 degrees from Oracle in the September 2010 decision that refused to remove OpenOffice as an independent project.

At that time, in response to Oracle's decision, an organization called Document Foundation decided to break into LibreOffice OpenOffice.

Parties Oracle does not explain whether the project is an Open Source pure OpenOffice Document will be submitted to the Foundation or not.

"We intend to immediately cooperate with the community to continue the success of Open Office. Oracle will continue to support the open document format standards-based, such as Open Document Format (ODF)," said Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect of Oracle.

It is also unclear is whether Oracle will still hold the trademark for OpenOffice or even release it.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Turn Gmail Prevention Features 'Lost' and 'Wrong Address'

Gmail is ready to turn on two new features. One for the often forgotten and the second to prevent the wrong address.

As quoted from the official Gmail blog on Thursday (14/04/2011), two features that had been in Gmail Labs will be turned on for all Gmail users.

The first feature is 'Do not Forget Bob'. This feature will remind users to add certain people who used to be sent an email.

Later, the names of ordinary people who sent emails will appear as suggestions under the 'To:'. Users simply click on one of them to add.

The second feature is 'Got the wrong Bob?'. This feature will give advice on the destination name if similar to the names of people who more often sent email.

The second feature is expected to avoid misdirected mail. For example, email a joke to a friend named 'Budi' be sent to the boss who also happened to be named 'Budi'.

Google promises that both the new features will begin to appear for Gmail users in the next few days.

Microsoft Introduces Competitor Google Streetview

Microsoft's increasingly aggressive align capabilities with Google. The software giant has introduced a competing service called Google Streetview Streetside.

Very similar to Google's Streetview, Streetside provide data in the form of real photo street, the house and its surroundings are taken from a camera on the roof of the car.

Reported by PC Retail on Thursday (04/14/2011), this service has been launched in 56 cities in North America. Microsoft said Streetside cars assigned to collect data, is starting to take pictures in various areas in London, England.

Slightly different with Streetview, Streetside only provide the photos in a place that is relatively common. So that claimed Microsoft will slightly reduce the risks associated with privacy.

"We do not record any way. We believe it would be useful if the recording center where many people need information on a variety of services," said boss Dave Bing Coplin search engine.

Microsoft is also trying to avoid other privacy issues facing Google, the data collection associated with WiFi.

"We decided to postpone the WiFi data collection. We want to do it the right way," said Coplin.

Twitter Reject Google Purchased

Google reportedly been desperate to Twitter and want to buy a very expensive price. But officials decided to reject it so that Google's Twitter fail to have this microblogging site.

Excerpted from the Geek, on Friday (04/15/2011), the report came from Fortune business media. Not just Google, Facebook ever make a bid though also lead to rejection. Not to forget Microsoft ever consider to buy Twitter.

Google is believed some time ago offered to pay USD 10 billion to buy Twitter, the true number is very large and may exceed the value of Twitter. However, Twitter's board of directors finally decided to reject Google's offer.

While the party up also try again to buy Twitter with $ 2 billion, but that effort failed as well. Earlier in the year 2008, up reportedly never wanted to buy Twitter and to no avail.

"Since Twitter is found, the Internet giant wants to buy it and believe these social services has the potential to compete. According to sources, Google is the most serious with the offer of USD 10 billion,"the Fortune report.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Microsoft Show Off Windows in the Architecture Tablet

Almost all of the popular tablet on the market today use the ARM architecture. Do not want to miss, Microsoft was showing off Windows running on ARM.

This was done in Microsoft's MIX conference Developer Conference. Quoted from CRCWireless, Wednesday (04/13/2011), when in fact it is showing Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.

In front of the developers, Microsoft is showing some features of IE 10. Apparently, Windows that is used for the demo was running on the ARM architecture. More precisely, using a device that uses Microsoft's ARM-based processor 1GHz.

Today, ARM is on the rise. Starting from the phone like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S up to 2 or Galaxy iPad tablet tab using the ARM base.

Previously, Windows seemed to depend on the x86 architecture that carried the silicon giants like Intel or AMD. At the Consumer Electronic Show 2011, Microsoft announced the next Windows will support ARM.

Windows on top of this ARM is the first public appearance of Microsoft. Not explained in detail whether Windows that is used is 'Windows 8' alias successor Windows 7.

Destroy Bureaucracy, the Google CEO Promote 7 Manager

Direct major reshuffle carried out by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Google Larry Page in the week leading. Page Manager promotes seven to be placed as Senior Executive.

Based on information from sources close to Google, the shift in position is intended to 'streamline' the flow of bureaucracy in any decision made by the company.

As for those who promoted them, including Salar Kamangar, who led YouTube, Chief of the Google Mobile Andy Rubin, Vic Gundotra Google's Head of Social Initiatives and Susan Wojcicki, who heads advertising. Informant who revealed this information, not to be named because Google has not officially announced this reshuffle.

Excerpted from the Business Journal, Sunday (4/10/2011), will all these executives will report on all things about the company directly to Page.

Other managers also promoted Sundar Pichai, who heads the division of the OS and browser Chrome and Alan Eustace leader of research and engineering.

Google spokesman Chris Gaither, said Page, who began serving as CEO of Google since the beginning of this week, to reform the leadership to make lines of accountability and responsibility clearer.

"Changes made ​​Page is designed to streamline product development and engineering, placing a single manager who is solely responsible for every product group," said Gaither.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 stretcher 'Quick, Compact, Safe'

With quick through seven stages of development, Microsoft irrevocably released the Internet Explorer 9 by transportation the tag-line Fast, Clean, Secure. Thus it real? Check made known his assess.

Microsoft is working tricky to get on to revolution hostile to Internet Explorer. After quick through the seven stages of development, Microsoft irrevocably released the Internet Explorer 9 by transportation the tag-line Fast, Clean, Secure.

Interestingly, generally of the technical assess conducted in cyberspace assess positively the extra browser from Microsoft. Site Engadget, pro model, produce a notch of 8 made known of 10 pro Internet Explorer 9.

"Should we download an alternative browser each calculate we be inflicted with a extra PC? Not anymore. Internet Explorer 9 currently comes with an striking advent and compact, stunning extra facial appearance, and much nearer, "says Engadget in his assess.

Positive assessment was furthermore provided by several technical reviewers such as PCWorld, ZDNet, and Wired. Curious could you repeat that? Is existing by the extra browser from Microsoft is this? Let's look by lone by a apposite tag line :

1. Fast  
The seriousness of Microsoft in the relief of Internet Explorer 9 is publicized with remarkable leap in the performance of Internet Explorer 9. JavaScript engine of the old down and replaced with a extra JavaScript engine called "Chakra" is a ration nearer. Additionally, Internet Explorer 9 furthermore chains the newest technologies such as CSS3, SVG2, HTML5 record support, and GPU hastening. Collaboration of several extra technologies are judged by Engadget provides enhanced performance of Internet Explorer 9 are noteworthy.

2. Compact
Unlike before versions with the intention of are to the top with buttons and icons. Internet Explorer Version 9 this is really compact, even more compact than the other alternative browsers. Some of the generally visible changes is the boundary of browsing interval provided, the toolbar leaving single the back and forwards buttons, menus are methodical in the aptly corner of the screen, and the placement of the tab or take up slab. Inside addition, the take up slab furthermore chains custom search. For model, to conduct a search to Bing, Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, or even up, can be made in lone click.

3. Safe

The third revolution in stipulations of security. Internet Explorer 9 provides a service the Do-Not-Follow with the intention of care for the privacy of users of the tracking performed by a fastidious website. With this figure, users of Internet Explorer 9 thumbs down longer be inflicted with to agonize berselancarnya endeavor spied in the lead by the website in question. Even by DigitalTrends, W3C syndicate welcomes Microsoft's move this and preparation to discuss the perception of making this figure as lone of the web-standard.

Besides the three foremost points higher than, here are still approximately facial appearance of Internet Explorer 9 which helped move quietly the trade show, pro model: Pinned-tabs, jumplist, and aero-snap. Inside all-purpose, the relief of Internet Explorer 9 is a lofty leap from before versions with the intention of cheer up the browser promote arena.

Does this mean with the intention of Internet Explorer 9 will get on to the battle linking the browsers be converted into more striking? Could be. We'll pass the time.

Pinned-Site IE9 Utilized Facebook, Twitter, and Much other

Unlike other browsers, Internet Explorer 9 be inflicted with the benefit with the intention of it integrates with Windows. One of the facial appearance with the intention of explain IE9 is pinned-site, which is widely used mess services like Facebok, Twitter, AFP and others.

Microsoft seems to realize it is real with the intention of could you repeat that? May possibly be the repayment of Internet Explorer compared with other browsers is integration with Windows. It is not extraordinary if Microsoft take benefit of this to optimize the compactness of Windows Internet Explorer 7 and 9 (IE9), lone through pinned-site facial appearance.
It's straightforward, solely drag a tab commence by IE9, at that time decline on the Windows taskbar 7. So the icon of the mess will be embedded on the taskbar. So what's the difference with drag-and-drop by a further browser?

Features pinned this IE9-site could be spelled several steps yet to be. An icon of websites with the intention of are planted in the taskbar does not single provide a shortcut, but furthermore a variety of facial appearance with the intention of are implemented by the significant website. For model, associations to approximately valuable pages, the newest news updates, notification, sharing to social media, and even mess about record. Everything can be accessed via the Windows taskbar 7.

This figure will make a clear response from a digit of major players in cyberspace. Amazon.Com pro model utilizing pinned-site to provide straightforward access pro their customers. By putting the Amazon.Com Web locate in the taskbar, at that time the customer can access your tab, wish-lists, favorites, and so simply aptly click on the taskbar.

Another splendid locate with the intention of rigging the pinned-site is up and Twitter. The two generally standard social media sites is to aid it to provide notification to users. Suppose you're working on the notebook, simply by up running in the background, you will make a small notification code by the underside of the screen Windows 7 each calculate you receive a message or comment.

Some news sites such as Huffington Post, CNN.Com, as well as the hedge Street Journal is furthermore tender quickly to take benefit of facial appearance pinned-site. All three displays the newest news updates and the "shared story via up" in the pinned-site correspondingly.

Utilization of the generally extreme and perhaps Jango.Com Channel9. Both sites be inflicted with a ration of multimedia content takes benefit of pinned-site to mess about videos and composition via the thumbnail!

Not single foreign sites, detik.Com furthermore be converted into lone of the initially sites in Indonesia, which has furthermore been implemented. From the pinned-site detik.Com, you are able to access detiksport, detikinet, detikhealth, and wollipop straightforwardly from the taskbar Windows 7. The way is drag the tab from IE9 detik.Com and decline by the underside of the screen Windows 7.

Inside the prospect, along with the trend of cloud applications, the line linking desktop applications with the mess becomes increasingly watery. That is why the steps taken by Microsoft is able to be an opening step pro increasingly integrates the mess with the desktop attention.

Inside addition, with pinned-site implementation, a locate was furthermore able to boost the digit of visitors. Interested to apply on your locate?

Protection Features Going So IE9 Other Browsers Role Model?

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 to the implementation of protection from web-tracking system. Features that originated from the proposed World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) this would be followed also by other browsers. After the earlier request made ​​by the web tracking protection W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), in February last Microsoft became the first company to approve the implementation of the tracking system on IE9 protection.

Before the release IE9, Microsoft has announced that they are ready to include features Do-Not-Track to prevent the sites do "harvest" browsing history. This feature is proposed by the W3C after seeing increasingly beringasnya Internet sites in the downloading personal data their visitors.

"We're designing this functionality as a good start to provide freedom for consumers to choose and consumer protection," said Dean Hachamovitch, corporate vice president of Internet Explorer at the end of last February. Apparently this feature is implemented IE9 W3C viewed as a very proper implementation.

To enable it quite easily. Click the button on the menu IE9 Safety, then there will be available tracking protection that can be personalized with any site address which we believe and we do not believe.

Protection system consists of two elements of the W3C standards that are recognized are: filter list which can prevent the browser sent a request to blacklisted sites and features that are enabled through the HTTP headers and DOM properties.

Further discussion on these safety standards will be W3C on April 29 at Princeton University.

Microsoft certainly does not own. Mozilla and Google said ready to follow the implementation of the W3C standard features that have been implemented IE9 to Firefox and Chrome.