Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Microsoft Show Off Windows in the Architecture Tablet

Almost all of the popular tablet on the market today use the ARM architecture. Do not want to miss, Microsoft was showing off Windows running on ARM.

This was done in Microsoft's MIX conference Developer Conference. Quoted from CRCWireless, Wednesday (04/13/2011), when in fact it is showing Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.

In front of the developers, Microsoft is showing some features of IE 10. Apparently, Windows that is used for the demo was running on the ARM architecture. More precisely, using a device that uses Microsoft's ARM-based processor 1GHz.

Today, ARM is on the rise. Starting from the phone like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S up to 2 or Galaxy iPad tablet tab using the ARM base.

Previously, Windows seemed to depend on the x86 architecture that carried the silicon giants like Intel or AMD. At the Consumer Electronic Show 2011, Microsoft announced the next Windows will support ARM.

Windows on top of this ARM is the first public appearance of Microsoft. Not explained in detail whether Windows that is used is 'Windows 8' alias successor Windows 7.


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