Thursday, May 19, 2011

TeamLab is a solution for project management and affair collaboration

Ascensia TeamLab SIA in Latvia and completely open source and  can be used on the host platform or on your own server. As open source software TeamLab with different operating systems to improve the user experience. powerful set of Office believes that the ability to integrate online with OpenOffice installed, you need the full potential of TeamLab. TeamLab module provides an intimate transaction with project management, document management, collaboration and instant messaging. e-mail and CRM systems are being developed and will be launched later. Each module contains one of the main form of this child. As an example of cooperation between companies is also a portal for human resources functions, blogs, newsletters, photo files, bookmarks, and wiki.

Create a project such as the HR function is simple. The entire process is menu driven - see above in the left pane and services important files from base camp. If you do not want the default template, create your own. Store documents online and share it again. TeamLab strong candidate for online collaboration with Google Docs or Zoho crown - a smart move. Import documents and spreadsheets are automatically converted to the format in OpenOffice, I have no problem with, but some people might object. If you start OpenOffice TeamLab plugin that uses a menu bar tab TeamLab.

Paper occurs when the document of choice to edit the file in OpenOffice on the right. How can you claim to custom folders and document controls to switch between them, the factory, which is useful when importing goods from Google Docs and discovered at a later time, for example.

TeamLab you a full report ready to define their own filtering only on his imagination.

TeamLab it's free and has become one of the best tools for online collaboration.

Read more demonstration TeamLab demo video below.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Without exchanging e-mail accompanying Osama Detected

Osama bin Laden is known to not have a cell phone and his house is not equipped with internet connection. But over the years in hiding until finally shot dead U.S. soldiers (U.S.), leader of Al Qaeda is smart enough to be able to use email without being detected.

Osama makes the pursuer to track whereabouts of frustration by saving messages to a thumb drive (flash disk) and then send it from a cafe that is very far away and difficult to reach.

In a statement reported by The Register and quoted on Friday (05/13/2011), the process has lasted a very long time, amazed even veteran intelligence officials knew Osama could defend it.

Osama typing messages to be delivered on a computer that is connected to the Internet. Next, he ordered the courier belief to the cafe to send to the person who addressed via email. Courier also will save all mail destined for Osama and submit it to the employer to read offline.

Previously, Wikileaks also never mentions that bin Laden uses a courier service to connect with the outside world. As the most wanted men, Osama was very careful that its presence is not easily known.

Residence made ​​very closed and difficult for people to look into it. In it also there is no internet connection. Most likely, this is the reason Osama using conventional methods - using a courier trust - to be able to communicate with the people in its network.

In the raid that killed bin Laden two weeks ago, U.S. troops menyatroni important figure residence World Trade Centre tragedy was discovered there are at least 100 flash memory drive. This tiny tool that was mentioned is used as an archival repository of communication between Osama and the people nearby during this.

Up Tighten Verification Login

To help users prevent his account accessible to others, up to provide additional options to tighten the login verification process.

Login Approvals, thus the name of this new security feature, is a form of proving the true identity of the user that lines the standard verification form - enter your username and password.

Quoted from PC World, on Friday (05/13/2011), with Login Approvals, Facebook users now have the option to impose a numerical code, in addition to username and password when going to login.

Later, Facebook will send you the code in the form of a series of phone numbers via SMS to the user up in question. In this way, it is believed up to keep one's account accessible to others, even though that person has managed to steal usernames and passwords the victim.

Facebook users will also be given a notification that someone has tried to get into her account and asked to change passwords.

"One of the challenges in building Login Approvals is to balance security and usability. similar feature on many other sites require you to download the application authentication or buy a physical token, the second factor," said one engineer up, Andrew Song.

According to him, this is a good approach and up for consideration to incorporate later. But mention, still need to prepare to turn such a feature.

Facebook users who are interested in this option, can activate the feature Log Approvals through Security Accounts settings on your Facebook page.

Apple Patent Reveals New iPod Nano Specification

Apple filed a new patent specification reveals new iPod Nano. Reportedly, in addition be equipped with cameras, the latest generation iPod Nano will have a special sensor.

Entitled "Environment Sensitive Display Tags', the contents of these patents discuss the functions of the new sensor and camera that will enrich the functionality of the gadget itself. Also mentioned is also a motion sensor, microphone and temperature measurement.

Quoted from TG Daily, Friday (13/05/2011), all these features is the potential used in the software iPod Nano, this device facilitates considering the presence of a unique display that displays real-time content, interactive games and screensavers on the uber-micro iPod.

This news comes after speculation that mention the more crowded the seventh generation iPod Nano will have a rear camera. As is known, previously had been a lot of technology blogs that discuss this possibility.

Hackers Can Attack via Graphics Cards

Leading browser such as Firefox 4, Chrome and Safari, began to utilize the sophistication of the graphics card to open a special website. Well, it turns out it can also be used hackers to attack.

This was disclosed by a British security agencies, Context, which mentions some of the weaknesses of the Web Graphics Library (WebGL).

With WebGL, an a browser can directly communicate with the Application Programming Interface (API) in the graphics card. Its function, in order to facilitate browser-based site featuring HTML5.

WebGL itself began to be built since the presence of Firefox 4 and the latest Chrome, many also think this could be a Flash replacement that has been long in power. So, how WebGL can be used to attack?

Because it can access directly to the graphics card, an attacker could manipulate a special script on the site that can make computers overwhelmed. In addition to a PC can deplete resources, the script is reportedly also can make a 'gap' on a computer system so vulnerable.

"We have been very easy to perform DDos attack. But when the attacker was able to take over the computer components, the attacks became more dangerous," claims Context agency, quoted by InformationWeek on Friday (05/13/2011).

Despite Success Tegra chip, Nvidia Earnings Down

Nvidia started the year with great expectations. Starting with the presence of the ranks of System on Chip (SoC) Tegra, until the acquisition of Icera, Nvidia expects big profit. Unfortunately the reality speaks another.

Although Tegra considered quite successful, income or gains of the green camp is actually reported earlier quarter decreased by 4 percent, from revenue of USD 1 trillion last year, to $ 962 Million.

However, Jen-Hsun Huang of the CEO and President Nvidia still expressed a sense of optimism. "With super Tegra chip and wireless processor Icera, we offer two processors that are most important to the revolution of mobile devices," he said as quoted by phonearena, Friday (05/13/2011).

However, Nvidia is good enough to deliver dual-core processors to market. Compared to its competitors, faster Nvidia product is present and absorbed by the market, in devices such as Motorola Xoom, Motorola and LG Optimus Atrix 4G 2X.

With the acquisition of Icera, Nvidia should be more robust in the second quarter of 2011 to compete in this. Well, the nearest their homework today is to conquer the competitors such as Qualcomm.

Capcom Wants More Focus on PC

Japanese game publisher, Capcom, declared their intention to focus on the PC. Some game titles for the PC was already prepared.

It was raised Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer and Senior VP at Capcom's official blog on Capcom Unity, on Friday (13/05/2011).

According to Svensson, Capcom so far did not have a strong focus for the PC. Though the game on a PC is actually quite promising, especially in markets such as Russia, China, Korea and Brazil.

The problem is, Capcom is a Japanese company and Japan historically did not have a large PC gaming market. As a result, game developers in Japan, even many who do not 'comfortable' to develop games for the PC.

While from the company, said more and more executives Svensson Capcom requested from the PC version of games that will be created.

Some of the Capcom game is planned to present to the PC this year. These include Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

Another thing that encourage Capcom to become strong in the PC is an online marketplace. Monster Hunter Frontier Online Game, for example, including one of the best-selling PC game Capcom.

"In short, although we have not achieved what I wanted, the future looks bright for Capcom fans who are also PC gamers," Svensson asserted.