Friday, May 13, 2011

Up Tighten Verification Login

To help users prevent his account accessible to others, up to provide additional options to tighten the login verification process.

Login Approvals, thus the name of this new security feature, is a form of proving the true identity of the user that lines the standard verification form - enter your username and password.

Quoted from PC World, on Friday (05/13/2011), with Login Approvals, Facebook users now have the option to impose a numerical code, in addition to username and password when going to login.

Later, Facebook will send you the code in the form of a series of phone numbers via SMS to the user up in question. In this way, it is believed up to keep one's account accessible to others, even though that person has managed to steal usernames and passwords the victim.

Facebook users will also be given a notification that someone has tried to get into her account and asked to change passwords.

"One of the challenges in building Login Approvals is to balance security and usability. similar feature on many other sites require you to download the application authentication or buy a physical token, the second factor," said one engineer up, Andrew Song.

According to him, this is a good approach and up for consideration to incorporate later. But mention, still need to prepare to turn such a feature.

Facebook users who are interested in this option, can activate the feature Log Approvals through Security Accounts settings on your Facebook page.


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