Friday, May 13, 2011

Apple Patent Reveals New iPod Nano Specification

Apple filed a new patent specification reveals new iPod Nano. Reportedly, in addition be equipped with cameras, the latest generation iPod Nano will have a special sensor.

Entitled "Environment Sensitive Display Tags', the contents of these patents discuss the functions of the new sensor and camera that will enrich the functionality of the gadget itself. Also mentioned is also a motion sensor, microphone and temperature measurement.

Quoted from TG Daily, Friday (13/05/2011), all these features is the potential used in the software iPod Nano, this device facilitates considering the presence of a unique display that displays real-time content, interactive games and screensavers on the uber-micro iPod.

This news comes after speculation that mention the more crowded the seventh generation iPod Nano will have a rear camera. As is known, previously had been a lot of technology blogs that discuss this possibility.


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