Friday, May 13, 2011

Without exchanging e-mail accompanying Osama Detected

Osama bin Laden is known to not have a cell phone and his house is not equipped with internet connection. But over the years in hiding until finally shot dead U.S. soldiers (U.S.), leader of Al Qaeda is smart enough to be able to use email without being detected.

Osama makes the pursuer to track whereabouts of frustration by saving messages to a thumb drive (flash disk) and then send it from a cafe that is very far away and difficult to reach.

In a statement reported by The Register and quoted on Friday (05/13/2011), the process has lasted a very long time, amazed even veteran intelligence officials knew Osama could defend it.

Osama typing messages to be delivered on a computer that is connected to the Internet. Next, he ordered the courier belief to the cafe to send to the person who addressed via email. Courier also will save all mail destined for Osama and submit it to the employer to read offline.

Previously, Wikileaks also never mentions that bin Laden uses a courier service to connect with the outside world. As the most wanted men, Osama was very careful that its presence is not easily known.

Residence made ​​very closed and difficult for people to look into it. In it also there is no internet connection. Most likely, this is the reason Osama using conventional methods - using a courier trust - to be able to communicate with the people in its network.

In the raid that killed bin Laden two weeks ago, U.S. troops menyatroni important figure residence World Trade Centre tragedy was discovered there are at least 100 flash memory drive. This tiny tool that was mentioned is used as an archival repository of communication between Osama and the people nearby during this.


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