Thursday, May 19, 2011

TeamLab is a solution for project management and affair collaboration

Ascensia TeamLab SIA in Latvia and completely open source and  can be used on the host platform or on your own server. As open source software TeamLab with different operating systems to improve the user experience. powerful set of Office believes that the ability to integrate online with OpenOffice installed, you need the full potential of TeamLab. TeamLab module provides an intimate transaction with project management, document management, collaboration and instant messaging. e-mail and CRM systems are being developed and will be launched later. Each module contains one of the main form of this child. As an example of cooperation between companies is also a portal for human resources functions, blogs, newsletters, photo files, bookmarks, and wiki.

Create a project such as the HR function is simple. The entire process is menu driven - see above in the left pane and services important files from base camp. If you do not want the default template, create your own. Store documents online and share it again. TeamLab strong candidate for online collaboration with Google Docs or Zoho crown - a smart move. Import documents and spreadsheets are automatically converted to the format in OpenOffice, I have no problem with, but some people might object. If you start OpenOffice TeamLab plugin that uses a menu bar tab TeamLab.

Paper occurs when the document of choice to edit the file in OpenOffice on the right. How can you claim to custom folders and document controls to switch between them, the factory, which is useful when importing goods from Google Docs and discovered at a later time, for example.

TeamLab you a full report ready to define their own filtering only on his imagination.

TeamLab it's free and has become one of the best tools for online collaboration.

Read more demonstration TeamLab demo video below.

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