Monday, April 18, 2011

Intel Atom for Tablet Supports Android 3.0

Intel has officially introduced the Intel Atom line of processors codenamed Oaktrail. Product officially named Atom Z670 will support the Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb.

As noted in a written statement received on Tuesday (12/04/2011). Oak Trail is mentioned already becoming available and devices that use them will be present from May 2011.

A total of 35 tablets with Oak Trail is said to be present in 2011. This includes from Lenovo, Fujitsu and others. But Intel did not specify what kind of tablets.

In a statement, Intel said Oak Trail will support multiple operating systems. These include Windows, MeeGo, Google Chrome and Android Honeycomb.

Intel will also feature the Intel Atom next generation code-named Cedar Trail. 32nm Atom is mentioned without a fan suitable for netbooks, desktops or PCs All-in-One.

Cedar Trail will be introduced at the Intel Developers Forum that was held in Beijing, China, the second week of April 2011.


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