Monday, April 18, 2011

HP boost Integration Cloud Computing with 3PAR Utility Storage

HP introduces the integration of 3PAR Utility Storage as part of HP Converged Infrastructure portfolio for simplifying Cloud Computing and introduce new solutions for storage virtualization and data de-duplication. Merger 3PAR utility storage in HP's solutions facilitate converged services Cloud Infrastructure with features such as multilevel Storage Automation to improve performance, and thin Storage to eliminate redundant user.

Merger 3PAR utility storage to HP converged Infrastructure according to customer requirements and storage consolidation solutions will need merging block and file storage in one storage system due to the explosion of data. HP simplify data management by combining storage platforms, servers and networking as the incorporation of management and low total cost of ownership for customers.

"Many of our customers are saying that the use of cloud is a transition that is important enough that they face in this decade", said Mike Prieto, vice president and general manager of Storage Works, HP Asia Pacific and Japan, in a statement received detikINET.

"HP 3PAR Utility Storage to answer their needs for new storage architecture designed specifically for optimizing the performance of Cloud Computing. Merger 3PAR Utility Storage as part of HP Converged Infrastructure faster than HP's initial planning and focus to bring customers to the level of flexibility and efficiency they've never felt, "claims Prieto

Match Requirement Provide Cloud Computing Storage

Improved adaptation of Cloud Computing for the common good or for personal use force IT departments and service providers to rethink about the design of their infrastructure. To get the flexibility and performance, according to the needs of cloud computing services required an integration of computing, storage and networking including centralized management.

To automate and simplify the process of multitenant cloud-based storage, HP 3PAR Utility Storage has become part of HP CloudSystem, systems to create and provide services to individuals, public and hybrid cloud. 3PAR combination with HP CloudSystem, allowing customers reduce application processing time cloud from a few days so a few minutes, increase operational efficiency of storage management 10 times and cut storage costs by 50 percent.

To provide high performance, back-end disk arrays for data files in the cloud for customers, HP provides HP X9300 Network Storage Gateway is built based on IBRIX technology, to be used and combined with HP 3PAR Storage Systems. Pengabungan thin storage capabilities of the 3PAR Utility Storage with ability levels and migration data from the X9300 Network Storage System can reduce the need for capacity up to 50%.


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