Wednesday, April 20, 2011

YouTube Direct Broadcast William and Kate's Wedding

Prince William of England marriage with Catherine, or Kate Middleton who live to count the days, waiting for the public around the world. YouTube also capture this momentum and are planning to live streaming.

Yes, on the day William and Kate's wedding which falls on April 29, 2011, anyone can watch every minute of this historic course of the marriage ceremony by the Royal Channel on the video sharing site owned by Google it.

"This will be the first time in thousands of years of royal history, the era of the Internet, members of the royal wedding ceremony was arrested in online and video will be preserved forever," wrote Google spokeswoman, Rachel Ball.

Reported by PC World, on Wednesday (04/20/2011), this marker will also be important to Google. As is known, which presents the YouTube Live stream video in real time, newly launched earlier this month. So William and Kate's wedding will be a special moment the first, which was broadcast YouTube Live.


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