Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oracle Submits OpenOffice In the Community

Project productivity software rivals Microsoft Office,, has been handed over entirely by Oracle for the community.

Thus, there would be no commercial software based on OpenOffice, developed by Oracle. Thus quoted from TheRegister, Sunday (17/04/2011).

OpenOffice is one of Sun Microsystem property which belonged to Oracle after the acquisition. As the 'heir' Sun, Oracle is the legal owner of the name and trademark OpenOffice.

This latest decision turned 180 degrees from Oracle in the September 2010 decision that refused to remove OpenOffice as an independent project.

At that time, in response to Oracle's decision, an organization called Document Foundation decided to break into LibreOffice OpenOffice.

Parties Oracle does not explain whether the project is an Open Source pure OpenOffice Document will be submitted to the Foundation or not.

"We intend to immediately cooperate with the community to continue the success of Open Office. Oracle will continue to support the open document format standards-based, such as Open Document Format (ODF)," said Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect of Oracle.

It is also unclear is whether Oracle will still hold the trademark for OpenOffice or even release it.


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