Saturday, April 16, 2011

Turn Gmail Prevention Features 'Lost' and 'Wrong Address'

Gmail is ready to turn on two new features. One for the often forgotten and the second to prevent the wrong address.

As quoted from the official Gmail blog on Thursday (14/04/2011), two features that had been in Gmail Labs will be turned on for all Gmail users.

The first feature is 'Do not Forget Bob'. This feature will remind users to add certain people who used to be sent an email.

Later, the names of ordinary people who sent emails will appear as suggestions under the 'To:'. Users simply click on one of them to add.

The second feature is 'Got the wrong Bob?'. This feature will give advice on the destination name if similar to the names of people who more often sent email.

The second feature is expected to avoid misdirected mail. For example, email a joke to a friend named 'Budi' be sent to the boss who also happened to be named 'Budi'.

Google promises that both the new features will begin to appear for Gmail users in the next few days.


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