Saturday, April 16, 2011

Microsoft Introduces Competitor Google Streetview

Microsoft's increasingly aggressive align capabilities with Google. The software giant has introduced a competing service called Google Streetview Streetside.

Very similar to Google's Streetview, Streetside provide data in the form of real photo street, the house and its surroundings are taken from a camera on the roof of the car.

Reported by PC Retail on Thursday (04/14/2011), this service has been launched in 56 cities in North America. Microsoft said Streetside cars assigned to collect data, is starting to take pictures in various areas in London, England.

Slightly different with Streetview, Streetside only provide the photos in a place that is relatively common. So that claimed Microsoft will slightly reduce the risks associated with privacy.

"We do not record any way. We believe it would be useful if the recording center where many people need information on a variety of services," said boss Dave Bing Coplin search engine.

Microsoft is also trying to avoid other privacy issues facing Google, the data collection associated with WiFi.

"We decided to postpone the WiFi data collection. We want to do it the right way," said Coplin.


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