Sunday, April 17, 2011

India bans the Nokia Email Service

Having wanted to monitor the BlackBerry email service, the Indian government is now transferring the target to Nokia. The reason is pretty much the same, that is related to the issue of security in the country.

Indian authorities asked local telecommunications service providers suspend service on Nokia handset pushmail, until the availability of email monitoring system. Nokia asked to meet all security requirements before held a service.

"According to the views of the intelligence agency, the Department of Telecommunications asked telecom service providers to not launch a push email service / powermail without providing monitoring facilities," said the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs on Sunday (17/04/2011).

Email services from Nokia provides push email for the company as well as ordinary consumers. With it, users can control access to multiple email accounts at once.

India itself, including the largest market for Nokia. Although a lot of pressure from competitors, they are still number one there. So most likely Nokia will obey the government's will to maintain its market.

Earlier, the Indian government also asked Research in Motion as the manufacturer of BlackBerry to open access to its data services, including internet email services and BlackBerry Messenger. Until now, those negotiations had not yet completed.


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