Sunday, May 1, 2011

6 Interesting Facts Royal Wedding on Twitter

About 2 billion pairs of eyes staring at the television screen is expected to witness the grand wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Excitement also occurred at sites where the Twitter microblogging tweeps many post about the wedding.

Yes, on the wedding day which took place on Friday (29 / 4) yesterday, the topic of the Royal Wedding abundant on Twitter. Even as the ceremony began in England, 10 Twitter trending topic related to the Royal Wedding.

There are no official figures from the Royal Wedding Twitter about statistics. But through social monitoring tools Trendrr, some interesting data already available. Here are six of them, quoted from Mashable, Saturday (04/30/2011):

- The volume of tweet coming from the city of London largest, New York, Toronto, New South Wales, Paris and Sao Paulo

- Sentiment tweeps at the Royal Wedding are generally positive (58%), 24% neutral and 18% are considered negative

- As many as 64% of tweets about the Royal Wedding comes from users and the remaining 36% of women by male users Twitter

- Mention hashtag # Royal Wedding surpassed 1 million during the mid-wedding ceremony

- 42% of all tweets related RoyalWedding come from While 39% of mobile devices

- hashtag ngetop including # royalwedding, # rw2011 (hashtag official Royal Wedding), # royalwedding!, # rw11, and # bodareal (Spanish "# royalwedding")


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