Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Angry Birds Landing on BlackBerry Playbook

The popularity of the game Angry Birds finally made ​​Research In Motion (RIM) smitten. Manufacturer BlackBerry smartphone is sure will bring Angry Birds to their tablet PCs, BlackBerry Playbook.

Certainty is expressed RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis in carpet BlackBerry World 2011, held in Orlando, United States.

"The news has just announced great! Angry Birds will come to the BlackBerry Playbook!" wrote the official Twitter account a BlackBerry, not long ago.

Unfortunately, it is not certain when the official date Angry Birds flying in the Playbook. But according to rumors, about this summer.

Angry Birds which is a game made ​​by Rovio is indeed the middle reach popularity. Excerpted from Digital Trends, Wednesday (05/04/2011), this game is incised 140 million copies downloaded.

Microsoft alone has created fascinated by Angry Birds, and has ensured that the birds that fly with slingshots is going to land on Windows Phone 7.

Then how about a BlackBerry smartphone? Is the future will bring RIM smartphone Angry Birds to champion it? Unfortunately, Lazaridis has not mentioned it at all, but certainly an opportunity for it still exists.


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