Sunday, May 1, 2011

GeoHot: Sony Attacked Because of arrogance

Hacker breaker PS3, GeoHot, consider an attack on the Playstation Network (PSN) is caused by Sony's arrogance. American-born man was also compared with other cases such as Microsoft and Apple.

GeoHot name became famous since he managed to break into the iPhone in 2009 ago. His reputation also becoming flying after he found a way to jailbreak the PlayStation 3.

Feeling annoyed that their products 'diobok meddle', Sony directly dragged GeoHot to trial. Did not take long, Japanese electronics giant managed to keep 22-year-old man from the PS3. Not only GeoHot, other hackers also managed to be dragged by the action mempermulus PS3 burglary.

Seeing the incident, would not be surprised if there is a rumor that was involved with the attack GeoHot PlayStation Network (PSN). But it was denied, even by GeoHot break-ins caused by the vanity Sony's PSN.

"Pride and misunderstandings property into the cause of the attack. Sony should no longer control the PS3 after he sold it to you," wrote GeoHot on his blog on Friday (29/04/2011).

GeHot also compared the jailbreak case in other gadgets are like the iPhone and Xbox 360. The owners of these devices - Apple & Microsoft - do not act as far as Sony, so there is no attack on iTunes or Xbox Live.


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