Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Linux 'Born' Back on the PlayStation 3

Through the latest firmware Sony has 'killed' before Linux is on the PlayStation 3 (PS3). But now a group of hackers managed to restore the operating system.

GeoHot may be the first hacker who managed to break into the PS3, but some other hackers is equally great. Call it Chokolo Graf who has made ​​a special firmware so that users can install any application desired.

Well, now there is a group of hackers who take shelter in admitted managed to create firmware for gamers can re-use Linux on the PS3.

"After installing this particular firmware, you must use some tools that are available in GameOS for booloader can work well. After that can install Linux," wrote Youness Alaoui, one of the hackers, quoted from VGN365, Wednesday (04/05/2011).


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