Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama ambush First broadcasted on Twitter

These days, Twitter is often a first media in preaching an event, sometimes even faster than the news media. And Osama bin Laden's ambush incident did not escape the phenomenon.

A computer programmer named Sohaib Athar, rumored as the first to preach the ambush bin Laden in Pakistan. He happened to live near the scene and post details the raid from his Twitter account.

Quoted from the Canadian Press on Monday (02/05/2011), Athar initially surprised by the roar of the helicopter sound in the city of Abbottabad, Bin Laden's hideout. He also started to post this event on Twitter.

"The helicopter was on the Abbotabad at 1am (this is a rare event),"the first tweet sound more or less, to publicize the event firsthand.

Athar had just moved to Abbottabad along with his wife and son. No warning, he instead became a witness arrest bin Laden. He continues to post, for example, when hearing the bomb explode.

Athar himself did not know what he heard was the arrest of Osama bin Laden's operation, so that he could only guess. In the next tweet, he thinks there are military exercises and a helicopter accident.

"I think there is a helicopter crash in Abbotabad, Pakistan and President Obama's breaking news related to the incident," he wrote again.

After posting about 35 tweets, Althar finally got the information that what was reported ambush bin Laden. "Osama bin Laden was killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan," he reported.


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