Monday, May 2, 2011

Get ready, 'bang' Osama Spam

Citizens of the world today is probably related curious middle obituaries Osama bin Laden. But beware, this phenomenon would be exploited by spammers to make explosion junk messages to lure news of the death of the leader of Al Qaeda's terrorist network.
In fact, according to Symantec's SMB director Steve Martin, posts spam about Osama's death could break the 100 million emails within 24 hours.
"Every time when there are events that world attention would be utilized scammers," says Steve, quoted from Secure Computing, Monday (05/02/2011).
Internet users are advised to not easily deluded by flattery phenomenal news about Osama, even if they feel so interested. We recommend that you see news sites that have been more clear is the origin of the news.
"Do not click the link that is not clear who the sender, it's better to go to news sites," Steve continued.
Because, click on any site is a dangerous action, where the users do not know what its target site. Can be stored in a site that opened a malicious program that is ready to attack.
Invasion of junk messages like this was said to occur when Prince William and Kate Middleton get engaged. At that time, invasion of spam craze with the lure of false news about the wedding prospective heir to the throne of the British Empire.
"And probably we will see this incident (attack spam-​​ed.) anymore,"said Paul Ducklin, chief technical officer of Sophos.


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