Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama killed, Malware Becoming Malignant

News the death of Osama bin Laden was also exploited by malware spreaders. The trick is to spread the good news with a brief and phishing scams to satisfy the curiosity of the user, provide a weblink which can be accessed for viewing photos or video footage of Osama's death.

Based on release received on Tuesday (05/03/2011), ThreatSense ESET as a major force that has Advanced Heuristics Engine quickly capture and identify the malware.

ESET Research Laboratory has successfully parse malicious code malware which is a variant of malware that already exists and has been able to be identified by ESET.

Malware evil who also appear together with the British royal wedding event Royal Wedding, identified by the ESET. Threat Sense as Win32/Adware.XPAntiSpyware.AB.

Related to this Technical Consultant ESET convey the presence of malware and phishing scams by the advantage of a person because of extraordinary hysteria in addressing the particular event.

The situation that is then used by perpetrators of cybercrime to upgrade and develop new variants, and then pass it on.


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